Happy Coding Academy Team

Happy Coding Academy is the first school that provides coding classes and STEM focused classes for kids in the East Bay!

The academy offers Game Design with Scratch, Wonder Robotics, Magic Circuit, Computer Science Fundamentals, Webpage Development, Python, Java, C++, RasberryPI, and other courses.

Our teachers each have 7+ years of experience. Our Game Design with Scratch teacher is one of the school’s partner and used to teach graduate school in India.

Our Python teacher Dong, first attended Xi’an Jiaotong University at 15 years old, has a Computer Science PhD degree from University of Chicago, and currently teaching at San Jose State University.

Professor Dong

Our Webpage Design class teacher Jaya also has more than 15 years teaching experience on Webpage design and possesses a MBA degree.

Instructor Dinesh graduated from a famous university in India and got his Master’s Degree in Computer Science in the USA. He has over 10 years experience working as software development field and taught in India for over 5 years and at NPU for two years before joining Happy Coding Faculty Team. He is a lifetime member of Plasma Science Society of India since 2006, IEEE member since 2014, and a member of Toastmasters since 2016.

Prof. Dinesh Madhup

Our courses are designed to educate children while having fun, cultivate logical, creative thinking, and problem solving skills. Solving problems in computer programming promotes children’s self-confidence and their sense of accomplishment!

Programming is a computer language. In this era of Artificial Intelligence, programming has become an indispensable language for people to communicate and create innovations. Because it is a language, younger kids have an absolute advantage in learning than when they are older. The earlier the better. Learning is much easier and quicker at a young age!

Instructor Jaya Agarwal (left); HCA partner Prathibha Palasa (middle); HCA partner Jennifer Strohfus

Our mission of the school is to teach kids STEM knowledge in a playful way while keeping their natural creativity.

Our STEM Care program is also designed differently: in addition to helping student’s homework, our main focus is the computer courses, Singapore mathematics, and a hands-on Science Lab. Plus we also offer Public speech, Chinese, Crafting, Yoga, Spelling bee, and other courses.

Summer Camp, Coding Classes, and STEM care programs are enrolling now! We welcome parents to come with your children and have your kids try all classes provided! First trial class is always free!