Happy Coding Academy


Happy Coding Academy currently is providing coding classes to kids from age of 6-18 and the after school is offering a STEM Care program.
Our classes include webpage design, python, C++, Java, game design with Scratch, magic circuit, wonder robotics , English reading & writing, science lab, public speech, Lego ev3….
We need experienced instructors or college graduates majoring in computer science to teach at HCA for all classes above mentioned.
If any of you, college graduates , experienced instructors, or mentors, or high schoolers who are passionate about teaching or tutoring kids, we would like you join our teaching, TA team for 2017 Summer Camp or the After School STEM Care program. Address: 47810 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94539 Contact Jennifer at 408-636-8954 or EMAIL happycodingschool@gmail.com. Thank you for being interested in joining our team.